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Ultime news da Twitter - Slow Wave sleep

@Slow_Wave_Sleep 24 Mag 2020
RT @Seajeff_: Check this out, @sugem just released his first ZX Spectrum track of 16 years, a remix of @Slow_Wave_Sleep amazing Italian pro…
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 19 Mag 2020
The last decade carved into stone accessibility, but made more rare the power to react
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 15 Mag 2020
RT @elonmusk: It’s remarkable how often The News attempts to answer the question: what is the worst thing that happened on Earth today?
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 15 Mag 2020
"An orchestra is a perfect society". R.I.P. @eziobosso
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 14 Mag 2020
Art is not a job, any job should be art. #Labor
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 13 Mag 2020
A huge challenge of today is how to communicate the white space between these letters. #quotesdaily
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 13 Mag 2020
RT @scooterbraun: “The other thing I tell them is being smart is not enough. Being loyal is more important. I fully believe that standing b…
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 13 Mag 2020
The first official tweet is for future grandsons
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 07 Mag 2020
The trick for having a full control of existence is to perceive impossible things easy.
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 23 Apr 2020
DD=daily demo https://t.co/78a0n5mEPi
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 21 Apr 2020
Here's a demo track I made today. Synth wave Sleep https://t.co/audSLXt1w2
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 17 Apr 2020
Getting views for nothing
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 30 Mar 2020
Spiro nell’Ecosistema (CD Digipack – 2020) https://t.co/TsvsbwE9uL https://t.co/hOpZDrhEnL
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 30 Mar 2020
- 25 Marzo 2020 - SWS capitolo III - . Esce il disco a tema naturale registrato con la band in presa diretta 🐧🐶🐺🦊🐹… https://t.co/GCDi9YtjT9
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 18 Mar 2020
RT @FlavioTroisi: Io non voglio che tutto torni come prima https://t.co/aj1zB6gPKl https://t.co/u2EvY4fx3g
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 04 Dic 2019
RT @elonmusk: People often think they’re breathing oxygen, but are actually breathing nitrogen (78%) with a side serving of oxygen (21%) in…
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 22 Nov 2019
@UMG Billie Eilish: best album, best new artist
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 12 Mag 2019
Vai in una città molto caotica, metti le cuffie ed inizia a camminare a testa basta. Se tutti si scansano, vuol dir… https://t.co/xP42vfELS2
@Slow_Wave_Sleep 17 Ago 2015
@TheRealFake https://t.co/dqdMOUkmmM

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