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07 Giugno 2019 alle ore 23:01

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Vasyl Kryshnevskyi


SIENA (Italy (SI))

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15 Novembre 1975

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NOiSiNESS is an Italian musical group founded in February 2017 as a result of a meeting between Ukrainian bassist Vasily Kryshnevsky and Italian guitarist Filippo Kreshi. The two musicians met at the villaggiomusicale music site. By the end of 2019, they had accumulated enough musical material to begin recording their first album with singer Aurora Pede. From that moment on, their work is sponsored by Dan Robenko. In June 2020, after completing a recording session, they entrusted the mixing and mastering work to renowned New York-based sound engineer Mark Urselli, who received several Grammy awards. Their first single "Weightlessness, Pt. II" from the future album is already available on all digital platforms. The album will be released in March 1, 2021. Their music is a contemporary rock project with influences from indie, alternative, space rock, psychedelia and a great emphasis on experimentation. Article author (Harold Yoon).


We love music, we live it. Music is our religion.

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