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Shonan - Kriminals! (Cd) (2021)

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01 Gennaio 2021

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Rocketman Records

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Classica ▸ Musica sacra



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40 min

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Shonan were born in Parma, in a room several meters underground, in February 2011. In a short time they write enough music to be able to afford, between visits by the local police, to leave that room and start performing concerts. The sound is a clash between punk and hard rock, the lyrics dramatically autobiographical, and the desire to be heard makes the concerts energetic and appreciated by people. After the release of Farewells & Pillows and the two singles Uh, Sha La La La! and Fall From Grace, the trio embarks on a long series of concerts and in the meantime concentrates on writing the second album, influenced in themes and sound by all the questionable experiences in the meantime. The album is titled Kriminals!, released on October 15th 2021, and marks a new and eagerly awaited chapter in the history of the band.


01 - Rocky Roberts
02 - Suburban Hayez
03 - Shattered
04 - Falling Stars Again
05 - Legacy
06 - Nothing But The Night
07 - Don’t give a fuck
08 - Faithfull
09 - Down
10 - This World Sucks
11 - Everything is on Fire
12 - Everything is Ending

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