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Elvis Nick - Little Town

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Rock ▸ Rock blues

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11 Settembre 2018

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"Little Town" by Elvis Nick
Copiright PMS Studio

Testo del brano

The girl I loved for many years live here, in this street
Long dark hair and black eyes deep as the night
Many had the bravery to tell her “I love you”
I must confess, this one is my biggest regret

My drinking friend with his bust car is still waiting for me
How many girls and how many drinks in those nights…
That was the greatest fun as possible for us, nothing else
And if we were in a good mood, we gave a lift

In this place the stars shine without a reason

Little sleepy town with eyes half shut, but she is seeing
Little stubborn town with tired soul, but alive
You can love her or you can hate her, but she’s still a little town

Sometimes at night you can hear sing in the square the same guy
But you’ll never know if for a hangover or what
At the same time with the full moon you hear from the dark
The church that is calling God even now

Now you know where we’ve been for all these years

In a little old town with too much Lords in her past
Little brave town doesn’t give up to revenges of times
If you come back in a thousand years we’re still here, in this little town

The radio is sending good vibes to the world right now
But not the kind of hits that you expect

But don’t worry, tomorrow morning will start again

Little living town with loves and memories in the heart
Little lost town full of dust, mug, full of life
Seconds and centuries, tears and laughs, in this little town

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