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Lewisland - Woman

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Pop ▸ Britpop

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09 Marzo 2015

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Written, Produced and Performed by Lewis

Testo del brano

Right from the loving of a mother
Right from the loving of a friend
A woman’s gonna keep me under
A woman’s gonna hold my hand
I might get love from another
I might get hurt by a friend
But a woman’s gonna pull me over
And keep me till the very end
Uh uh uh represent it
Sweet like sugar to my coffee
I’ll love her till the end of time
The way she smiles is so damn lovely
I think this girl is worth my while
So woman stand up for your lover
Woman stand up for your man
This woman isss like no other
This woman is a master plan
Uh uh uh represent it
And I can’t keep you out of my mind
And I can’t sweep you out of your feet
You’re the one that I’m latching on tight
Got me locked up on your front row seat

And I’m right under your loving wings
Right under your loving wings

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