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Atom Made Earth - Border Of Human Sunset (Cd) (2014)

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Atom Made Earth

Data di uscita

18 Aprile 2014

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Rock ▸ Rock psichedelico



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44 min

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Atom Made Earth project started on May 2012, at the beginning as an individual idea of the guitarist Daniele Polverini who, after failed co-operations with other bands, thought about working on something new and moving on sounds and genres different from the previous ones.

After the first rough ideas and some riffs which were combined to a particular Prog. Rock, the project was joined by the keyboarder Nicolò Belfiore ( ex-singer of the heavy metal band The Zebrah) and by the drummer and cymbal maker Thomas Testa (only member of the solo noise Frozen Memory project). These three guys started immediately to make up songs, initially with Drone/Noise and Stoner timbres, mixed with Ambient and Post Rock.

Soon the trio is joined by the bassist Lorenzo Giampieri (ex Pig’s Enterprise, a Stoner band) and with the passing of months the band takes more and more form, songs let several genres emerge, such as Psychedelic Post-Rock and Progressive followed by Drone Doom and Ambient phases.

In November 2013 we have recorded our first album, "Border Of human Sunset", entirely live. Realized in CD and DVD formats "full live".


01 - Oceanic Side Pt.1
02 - Augusta
03 - Thin
04 - Atom Made Earth
05 - Ghost T
06 - Oceanic Side Pt.2

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