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Dirty Influence - Little One.

Genere musicale

Punk rock ▸ Pop punk

Data inserimento

24 Dicembre 2013

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Secondo brano pubblicato dal gruppo pop-punk Dirty Influence.

Questo brano appartiene a Dirty Influence ed è tutelato da Creative Commons.

Testo del brano

Little one now it's your new name
i call you so cause i don't remember your name
but you'll always be my sweet little girl
on the street i saw you last night
you solved my problems but it's late
and now you seem like a little one

you don't belive me i'm alright
with dark circles on my face
last word that you never thought
little one

well i'm living in my head a state
of confusion 'cause now it's too late
and you ain't no more my little girl

i know that now it'll hard see your face
every single moment of my day
I think only of you
Little one

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