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Heavy metal ▸ Thrash metal

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15 Settembre 2021

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Cosmic Brothers apre la porte di un viaggio intergalattico tra conoscenza, introspezione, galassie e avvistamenti ufologici..
La storia del mondo raccontata attraverso una canzone piena di energia di luce e vibrazioni positive: "Abbiamo scritto questo brano per dare valore alla musica e valore alla vita"

Testo del brano

Everything you talk, you don’t, oh body
Everybody, stop at night,
every people talk with angels-aliens,
everyday and everynight!
Every people change in better,
every people love it more,
never mind tolk in love, no body,
nothing here without the light!
Cure on me, love it life,
open now your eyes!
Probably you know the angels-aliens,
our brothers in this magic life!
Cure on me, tell me,
look at me with your magic eyes,
propbably you know the angels alien,
every people are the change!
Break, take your life!
Every Godi s Change,
oh my eyes, oh my guy, is Love!
… you take me, you want me,
you take and funny,
If you touch the sky,
you know your soul!
Oh no way, no take, no at slide your tird,
no way? No war! So fly your heat!
Oh my way, you love me!
Oh my way, you tell me.. On the way you give me,
Adonai calling, save me!
Oh my mother saved me,
I you wont know reality, I’m in animore!
Calling nation, falling me, Cosmic brothers saved me
I got you feel, no more!
Cure on me, I got change m
Open now your little eyes!
Oh my father love it more, every people change in better,
every day and every night, cosmic brother save the world!
I’ve, nothingh head, state of mind, danger!
Light on heart! Safe mind!
You take you heart!
you want love me,
I and whole and love me,
say, you wont understand?
I’ve, nothng head, state of mind, danger!
You wont love me, cud and anywhere!
Stop at war and love me! Godi s in anywhere!
I just say and love me, is the angel’s land!
I’m happy for all this real information!
Are happy for believe in the creation!
And be your real version man,
we call for start the real life!
Take this information!
Change for your creation!
Love, take me, hope for life,
never be the leisure life,
I’m your blood, be kind the the excite,
we call for the angel’s life!
Never be your head amnesia,
never be beginn the time!
Cosmic brothers save me , for the Angel’s life!
Calling for change!
Calling for life!
Save your heart for the magic plane!
Listen your heart!

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