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Electronic dance music ▸ House music

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23 Giugno 2014

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Il brano incrocia uno stile tra ’80 e ’90 con sonorità attualizzate e cori che ricordano in alcune parti il mondo del rock. Gli archi si intrecciano su una base di elettronica a 120 bpm creando particolari atmosfere che giocano tra new wave e classico.
Proprio le varie sfaccettature degli arrangiamenti rendono questo brano difficilmente classificabile.
Il testo ci parla dei demoni che spesso affliggono il nostro animo e dei quali è difficile liberarsi.

Testo del brano

Time is settled in a beatbox
And the beat is so loud
Is pounding in my head like the thought to run away

This season is lapsing away
It’s like I’m wasted all my youth
Speed along with troubles and misunderstandings

Sometimes I feel like I’m a mirror
Broken on a marble floor
Destroyed in a million of peaces

Why I fit into this sense of not belonging to the world
Even if you’re stretching your hands towards me

It look so far to reach
But I’m doing the best I can
I don’t wanna given up
I will raise again

Wasting my existence
Trying to be what I’m not
I’m not going to be the person I’m expected anymore

Everytime I try to find
A place to rest my worn out soul
I have to run and hide ‘cause I feel out of site

Sometimes I feel like fervent ashes
Blowing in the summer wind
That’s carrying all my questions somewhere far away from here

Why I fit into this sense of not belonging to the world
Maybe nowhere is the home where I should live

It looks so hard to understand
But I’m doing the best I can
The reason why I feel so alone
Is that I’m already dead

Surrounded by the darkness
Feeling a fire inside
Burning all my problems
Or maybe I’m just dying

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